Wedding Organization 💸

I’m a highly organized person (most of the time). We’ve set up a wedding slack for communication, a Trello Board for wedding planning, numerous spread sheets for budgets, and Pinterest for a kind of vision board. Oh, there’s also a Honeyfund for our honeymoon!

So much planning let to do in the coming months, it is probably the craziest party series I’ve ever thrown in my life—Erin Loscocco and Jake Skolnick can probably attest to that.

The scariest thing is the budget! 😭💸

In Milwaukee they also charge a 6.1% tax and 19-20% service fee, so in essence we are in for over 25% in excess fees and taxes!

It reminds me of renting a car in Mexico City. They advertise rates of $1-2/day, but then you need to pay all sorts of taxes and fees on top of it which ends up being like $80/day.

So the big question is why advertise the fake low price (which is still pretty high) and tack on 25% and not simple build it into the cost like normal businesses?

The simple answer is that everyone does it and people are willing to pay it.

So let that be a lesson to you if you plan on having a wedding in Wisconsin or anywhere else that does this.

One thing is for sure: if you’re coming to our special day, be ready to rock out and dance party USA with us!

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