Frequently Asked Questions (or TL;DR–Too long; didn’t read).

So if you’re here, this means our website is just too much information or has too many words on it.

Where do we park?

At the ceremony in Kenosha, you can park in either church parking lots located across from the church on 73rd Street or behind the church on 71st Street. Maps located here.

At the reception in Milwaukee, you can park in the Astor Hotel if you’re a hotel guest or in a designated parking lot next to the Astor at the Lincoln Center of the Arts, entrance on 1300 N Marshall St.

Are the wedding ceremony and reception at the same place?

No. They are in different towns. The ceremony is at St. Mark’s Church in Kenosha, and the reception is in Milwaukee. Addresses located here.

Is this a theme wedding?

No, it’s not a theme wedding and formal attire is requested. Information is here.

But, but can I wear something vintagey, 1920sy?

As long as it’s formal.