Formal Attire & Dress Code

We picked the Astor Hotel because we loved the early 1900s art deco vibe, and the great ballroom was everything we could have wanted in a space to entertain all of our friends. We’ve decided some of our themes would incorporate the 1920s and travel, an aesthetic that would definitely be easy to pull off in a hotel built in 1920!

Fun 1920s Pinterest Board

This is a formal occasion and not a theme wedding, so we request that you dress accordingly. If you feel so inclined add a touch of vintage flare, to go with our 1920s-esque vibe, here is our Pinterest board and some fun photos to inspire you!

Wedding Dress Code

Again, we love the 1920s vibe, but this is NOT a theme wedding. We do hope you will dress more formally with suits and dresses rather than as a newsie boy or a flapper gal! We encourage old family broaches and pins, touches of vintage and cool stuff from the 1920s, but there is no need to come in zoot suits or as Daisy from the Great Gatsby.