The Wedding Party

#AndiEddieLLAP #LiveLongAndPhanichkul

The Gals

Tracy Urban Cook

Matron of Honor

Andi and Tracy met when they were 12 as members of a competitive cheerleading team. They have competed, taught, and traveled around the country and world together including Hawaii, Scotland, and Australia. They continue to share a love of dance, fitness, and travel. Andi was also Tracy’s maid of honor in her wedding. #workhardplayhard

Stacey Christian

(Stacey and her husband Brett)

Stacey and Andi met in Jr. High and have been close ever since. They went to UW-Milwaukee together and share a love of music and art/design/crafts. They also may or may not have co-wrote a rap song together. #ohflorida

Amy Inglish

(Amy & Andi)

Andi met Amy in high school choir class. They share a love for singing and music. They have spent many hours singing in the car together and dreaming of one day joining a gospel choir. #chopsuey!

Laura Miller

(Andi, Stacey, Laura, Amy)

Laura and Andi met after high school while working at the same restaurant. Andi and Laura nerd out together as they share a love for art, music, fantasy, and science. And nostalgia. And nutrition. And magic. #whatsyourfavoritedinosaur

Bridget Pucci

(Bridget & Dana)

Andi met Bridget in Jr. High (along with Stacey) and quickly became close to her and her family. They share a love of music and general silliness… they can also improvise a dance routine like nobody’s business. #makeitfit

The Lads and Lady

Brad Voytek

Man of Honor

Stepping up to stand up for Eddie, Brad is one of the raddest humans. Since 1994, Brad and Eddie have shared a love of Star Trek and other sciencey things. They grew up together, and eventually, Brad went off to college at USC (where Eddie also pretended to go since all of Brad’s college friends think he went there). Their bromance will always endure.

Benny Phanichkul

(Benny Phanichkul, Coffee Consumer)

Eddie’s brother from the same mother! Benny has been living in Seattle since the mid 2000s and loves camping and doing fun outdoorsy pacific north west stuff. Benny and his girlfriend Caitlin also have a love of awesome local food and drinks.

Dana Palermo

(Dana Palermo, Vegan Bears Fan)

Dana is the reason Andi and Eddie met! She’s a dear friend to both Andi and Eddie. Eddie met Dana when she came to Eddie’s bar The Foundry in San Diego, and have been San Diego BFFs since. Dana and Andi have been BFFs since high school. #andianddanaforlife

Nathan Rickey

(Really Tall Nathan Rickey)

Nate and Eddie have been friends ever since elementary school playing on the same soccer team with Eddie’s brother Benny. They both share a love of Starcraft and computer gaming. Nate is currently a software engineer living in the Bay Area with his three little boys.

John Carroll

John and Aeriel

John Carroll is Andi’s brother and soon-to-be Eddie’s brother-in-law. He’s been a great help in many ways. They both have a love for science facts and other nerdy things. John stepped up to help the wedding party and is a super rad human!


Usher & Ring Bearer

Aeriel Thompson & Elijah Carroll

Elijah, John, and Aeriel

Joining the fun as Usher and Ring Bearer (free labor) is Andi’s future sister-in-law and nephew Aeriel Thompson, and Elijah Carroll! Aeriel and Groomsman John are to be married next year. They are Kenosha’s finest, and very amazing, gracious people for agreeing to help us on our wedding day!