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Hey guys! We’ve created a special Slack Community for our wedding guests! Slack is a FREE chat app that you can use on the phone or website and is a quick way to communicate with other guests instead of doing massive group text messages. There will be different “channels” that allow for different chat topics just to keep organized as well.

As my dear, old friend Brad says,

A wedding slack is the nerdiest !@#$%ing thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been friends with [Eddie] for like, 100 years.

Dr. Bradley Thomas Voytek, Brain Doctor

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What’s Slack? Watch below!

Sign up using your email and click invite above and you’ll automatically be sent an invite from us to join our Slack community. You’ll then need to download the slack app or log into the website to communicate with us. If you don’t know what Slack is, watch the video above!

Already Got Slack?

If you’ve already got Slack, our community is called “Andi & Eddie Wedding” or visit the link below!

Traditional Contacts

If you’re old school, you can contact us the old-fashioned way via electronical mail or wireless telephony services:

Andi & Eddie –
Eddie’s Phone Number – (619) 857-2354

Chris Taylor, Man of Honor, available on Slack
Tracy Urban Cook, Matron of Honor, available on Slack